Experience of M/S Zeb Enterprisesin Turn Key Solution

On Going Project GPON FTTH

will be completed soon
1GPONF-10 SectorIslamabadOn Going Project
2GPONE-11 SectorIslamabadOn Going Project
3GPOND-12 SectorIslamabadOn Going Project
4GPONDHA 2IslamabadOn Going Project
5GPONDHA 5IslamabadOn Going Project
6GPONArieal GPONSatlite Town RawalpindiOn Going Project

Bahria Town Islamabad/Rawalpindi
& Media Town Islamabad

GPON Project
River Garden, Islamabad

GPON ProjectFalcon Complex,

GPON Project: E
11, Northern Strip, Islamabad

Completed Project

We have collaboration with FiberHome Pvt Ltd Pakistan based in China, done GPON FTTH project Bahria Town Phase 1 to 8, Media Town, DHA, I-8, I-9, I-10, H-8 & H-9 Islamabad.
Experience of Optical Fiber / Copper Cable Laying
1GPONFalcon ComplexRawalpindiProject Completed
2GPONRiver GardenIslamabadProject Completed
3GPONEmaar ProjectIslamabadProject Completed
4GPONWah CanttWah CanttProject Completed
5GPONPrime Minister SecretariatIslamabadProject Completed
6GPONlong-haul project Bannu-Miranshah (Pak-Afghan Border)BannuProject Completed
7GPONUSF Project Dera Ismail Khan, Malakand Division and Swat DivisionSwatProject Completed
8PTCLServices for DC-235 Askari X Cantt ExchangeITR IslamabadProject Completed
9PTCLService for DC-77A & 84C MSAG S/Town RawalpindiITR IslamabadProject Completed
10PTCLService for DC-35. 35A & 101 MSAG S/Town RawalpindiITR IslamabadProject Completed
11PTCLSheraki MSAG Dera Adam KhelNTR-II D.I.KhanProject Completed
12PTCLServices for Secondary Network DC-12 Fauji Hospital DHA-1 RawalpindiITR IslamabadProject Completed
13PTCLServices for DC-2, 2A for 37 New DPs Adyala, RawalpindiITR IslamabadProject Completed
14PTCLServices for DC-1 ECHS D-18 IslamabadITR IslamabadProject Completed
15PTCLServices for Bahria Golf City IslamabadRTR RawalpindiProject Completed
16PTCLServices for Jointing work of Primary / Secondary Pirwadhai, RawalpindiITR IslamabadProject Completed
17PTCLServices Primary / Secondary Network DC-15, 41, 42 Tarlai, IslamabadITR IslamabadProject Completed
18PTCLServices for 2-Way PVC Primary / Seconday Route Piwadhai, Rawalpindi ITR IslamabadProject Completed
19PTCLServices Faulty Pairs/End to End Connection, Westridge, RawalpindiITR IslamabadProject Completed
20PTCLServices for Primary Network to DC-68, DC-36 Sefari-IIIITR IslamabadProject Completed
21PTCLServices for Restoration after Malicious / Mainhole ConnectionsITR IslamabadProject Completed
22PTCLServices for DC-1,2,3,4,5 MSAG Navel Anch. RawalpindiITR IslamabadProject Completed
23PTCLServices for Tie from Tayab CNG to DC-11 Gulraiz, RawalpindiITR IslamabadProject Completed
24PTCLServices for Tie from ONU to DC-107 Westridge, RawalpindiITR IslamabadProject Completed
25PTCLLaying of 48F OFC Ring for Lal Plaza RawalpindiITR IslamabadProject Completed
26PTCLServices for DC-8 PWD Block-C Korang Exchange, RawalpindiITR IslamabadProject Completed
27PTCLServices for Rehabilitation of DC-126 Westridge, RawalpindiITR IslamabadProject Completed
28PTCLServices for Primary NW DC-3 Secondary Network DC-8 DHA-1, RawalpindiITR IslamabadProject Completed
29PTCLServices for Neck Raising of M/HolesITR IslamabadProject Completed
30PTCLServices for DC-19 Shaheen Town Exchange, RawalpindiITR IslamabadProject Completed
31PTCLTesting / Rehabilitation of Primary Cable (Faulty Joints)ITR IslamabadProject Completed
32PTCLServices for Rehab of Mustafa/Pak Towers, IslamabadITR IslamabadProject Completed
33PTCLServices for Closure of Open Joints IBA-I, IslamabadITR IslamabadProject Completed
34PTCLServices for DC-11 Secondary Network Gulraiz Exchange, RawalpindiITR IslamabadProject Completed
35PTCLServices for PVC Primary /Secondary Bahria Town, RawalpindiITR IslamabadProject Completed
36PTCLServices for Primary Network DC-13, 4, 5 Phase-6 Bahria Town, RawalpindiITR IslamabadProject Completed
37PTCLServices for Closure of Open Joints F-11 IslamabadITR IslamabadProject Completed
38PTCLServices Primary / Secondary DC-241 & MSAG Silver City G-11, IslamabadITR IslamabadProject Completed
39PTCLServices for Primary G-15 & F-15 IslamabadITR IslamabadProject Completed
40PTCLServices / Rehabilation of 250 Secondary Paris DC-124 Westridge RawalpindiITR IslamabadProject Completed
41PTCLServices for DC-7, 7A & 9 PWD Colony Korang Town, RawalpindiITR IslamabadProject Completed
42PTCLServices for Primary / Secondary Network of DC-12 PWD Korang Town, RawalpindiITR IslamabadProject Completed
43PTCLServices for PVC Route / Primary Tie O-9 to PWD Colony, RawalpindiITR IslamabadProject Completed
44PTCLServices for Ties Pairs Algurair Giga DC-8 Humak RawalpindiITR IslamabadProject Completed
45PTCLServices of OFC Laying for Havellian MSAGHTR AbbottabadProject Completed
46PTCLServices for DC-1 Renovation of Loops Morgah, RawalpindiITR IslamabadProject Completed
47PTCLServices for ONU DC-44 G-9/2 F-8 Exchange, IslamabadITR IslamabadProject Completed
48PTCLServices for DC-133 MSAG Jahwara More, RawalpindiITR IslamabadProject Completed
49PTCLServices for MSAG Lalazar, Rawalpindi CanttITR IslamabadProject Completed
50PTCLServices for DC-1,1A&11 PWD Colony Korang Town, RawalpindiITR IslamabadProject Completed
51PTCLServices / Rehabilitation of Secondary Network of DC-20 Westridge RawalpindiITR IslamabadProject Completed
52PTCLServices for PVC Route / Primary Cable DC-13 Korang Town, RawalpindiITR IslamabadProject Completed
53PTCLServces for Rehabilitation of DC-102 Dog Centre, RawalpindiITR IslamabadProject Completed
54PTCLServices for New Secondary Network DC-102 (Dry Area)ITR IslamabadProject Completed
55PTCLServices for Termination / Restoration of DC-109 & 104ITR IslamabadProject Completed
56PTCLGPON Connectivity to D-12 (FDH 1 & 12) IslamabadITR IslamabadProject Completed
57PTCLLaying OFC for MSAG POF SanjwalCanttITR IslamabadProject Completed
58PTCLServices for PVC Route ChorChowk to DC-116 RawalpindiITR IslamabadProject Completed
59PTCLServices for DC-148 S/Town, RawalpindiITR IslamabadProject Completed
60PTCLServices of Sobra City Ghazi MSAGITR IslamabadProject Completed
61PTCLServices for Secondary Cable SSA30 Prs from ONU ICT to I-10 Exchange, IslamabadITR IslamabadProject Completed
62PTCLServices for Secondary Network for DC-16, NEPRA G-5, IslamabadITR IslamabadProject Completed
63PTCLServices for MSAG Askari Cement WahCanttRTR RawalpindiProject Completed
64PTCLServices for Sharif Hospital WahCanttRTR RawalpindiProject Completed
65PTCLServices for Media Connectivity to MCB Morgah RawalpindiITR IslamabadProject Completed
66PTCLServices for Media Connectivity to MCB MorgahTalagangRTR RawalpindiProject Completed
67PTCLServices for Media Connectivity to MCB BalkasarRTR RawalpindiProject Completed
68PTCLServices for Media Connectivity to MCB HassanabdalRTR RawalpindiProject Completed
69PTCLServices for Media Connectivity to MCB KallarSyedanRTR RawalpindiProject Completed
70PTCLServices for Media Connectivity to MCB Fateh JangRTR RawalpindiProject Completed
71PTCLServices for Media Connectivity to MCB HazroRTR RawalpindiProject Completed
72PTCLServices for Media Connectivity to MCB DaultalaRTR RawalpindiProject Completed
73PTCLMedia Connectivitiy for NRSP F-6/3, IslamabadITR IslamabadProject Completed
74PTCLServices for Media Connectivity to MCB PinanwalRTR RawalpindiProject Completed
75PTCLServices for Media Connectivity to MCB MulhalMughlanRTR RawalpindiProject Completed
76PTCLOptical Fiber Cable Laying KFC Cantt ALU MBS MSAG RawalpindiITR IslamabadProject Completed
77PTCLServices for Disco ChowkAbbotabad MSAGHTR AbbottabadProject Completed
78PTCLServices for SIE Mirpur AbbottabadHTR AbbottabadProject Completed
79PTCLServices for Sethi Mosque AbbottabadHTR AbbottabadProject Completed
80PTCLMSAG Disco Chowk AbbottabadHTR AbbottabadProject Completed
81PTCLServices for Media Connectivity to MCB Aslam Market WahCanttRTR RawalpindiProject Completed
82PTCLServices for Media Connectivity to MCB LalarukhWahCanttRTR RawalpindiProject Completed
83PTCLLaying of OFC I-14, I-15 Westridge 48 Rehabilitation IslamabadRTR RawalpindiProject Completed
84PTCLServices for Primary Route Diversion G-8 Metro Project at F-8 IslamabadITR IslamabadProject Completed
85PTCLServices for PVC Route Diversion G-8 Metro Project F-8 IslamabadITR IslamabadProject Completed
86PTCLServices for Primary Route Diversion G-9 Metro Project at F-8 IslamabadITR IslamabadProject Completed
87PTCLServices for PVC Route Diversion G-9 Metro Project at F-8 IslamabadITR IslamabadProject Completed
88PTCLServices for DC-1 & DC-2 Mirpur AJKAJKProject Completed
89PTCLAriel Fiber MBS LiaquatBagh Crossing RawalpindiITR IslamabadProject Completed
90PTCLServices for 2-Way PVC Route S/Town, RawalpindiITR IslamabadProject Completed
91PTCLServices for DC-99, 99A S/Town, RawalpindiITR IslamabadProject Completed
92PTCLServices for DC-100 S/Town, RawalpindiITR IslamabadProject Completed
93PTCLServices for Media Connectivity to MCB Hangu, SeraiNaurang, Bannu, D.I.Khan, Tank, ShahbazKhel&KohatNTR-II D.I.KhanProject Completed
94PTCLALU-V Optical Fiber Laying Motor Chowk, RawalpindiITR IslamabadProject Completed
95PTCLServices for Hattian ZTE MSAGRTR RawalpindiProject Completed
96PTCLServices for Paharwal DC-2 Jehlum MSAGRTR RawalpindiProject Completed
97PTCLAriel Fiber MBS LiaquatBagh Crossing RawalpindiITR IslamabadProject Completed
98PTCLServices for DC-97, 97A, 97B S/Town, RawalpindiITR IslamabadProject Completed
99PTCLServices for Media Connectivity to UBL ChakwalRTR RawalpindiProject Completed
100PTCLServices for Attock ZTE MSAGRTR RawalpindiProject Completed
101PTCLServices for Hassanabdal ZTE MSAGRTR RawalpindiProject Completed
102PTCLServices for DC-1&2 Bano Market Muzaffarabad AJKAJKProject Completed
103PTCLServices for DC-1, 2&3 Upper ChattarMuzaffarabad AJKAJKProject Completed
104PTCLServices for DC-125 for Shifting of DPs Chaklala, RawalpinidITR IslamabadProject Completed
105PTCLServices for DC-115 for Shifting of DPs Chaklala, RawalpinidRTR RawalpindiProject Completed
106PTCLServices for Optical Fiber Cable New City Mirpur AJK MSAGAJKProject Completed
107PTCLServices for ChattarPariMirpur AJK MSAGAJKProject Completed
108PTCLLaying of OFC MBS Alternate 6th Road to ChandniChowk- Metor ProjectITR IslamabadProject Completed
109PTCLServices for DC-16 Secondary MSAG Kalowal DinaRTR RawalpindiProject Completed
110PTCLServices for COMSAT AbbottabadHTR AbbottabadProject Completed
111PTCLServices for DC-1/9 MSAG PindiGhebRTR RawalpindiProject Completed
112PTCLServices for DC-14 & DC-103 Secondary Network City RawalpindiITR IslamabadProject Completed
113PTCLServices for DC-5 MSAG HazroRTR RawalpindiProject Completed
114PTCLServices for Tie/Secondary New Cabinet MSAG AWC HassanabdalRTR RawalpindiProject Completed
115PTCLServices for Sareekh MSAGNTR-I PeshawarProject Completed
116PTCLServices for MSAG NannuAddaNTR-I PeshawarProject Completed
117PTCLOSP Work for UET Mardan MSAGNTR-I PeshawarProject Completed
118PTCLOSP Work for Kota MSAG ToppiNTR-I PeshawarProject Completed
119PTCLOSP Work for Wadpagga MSAGNTR-I PeshawarProject Completed
129PTCLOSP Work for CB & MEO office Cantt PeshawarNTR-I PeshawarProject Completed
120PTCLOSP Work for Hydri BeverageNTR-I PeshawarProject Completed
121PTCLService for MSAG KahutaRTR RawalpindiProject Completed
122PTCLServices for OSP Work from Dudial to ChakwalRTR RawalpindiProject Completed
123PTCLLaying of OFC for Qattar Embassy IslamabadITR IslamabadProject Completed
124PTCLServices for OSP work from AlamChowk to D-17 IslamabadITR IslamabadProject Completed
128PTCLGPON Connectivity to D-12ITR IslamabadProject Completed
125PTCLServices for MSAG HazroRTR RawalpindiProject Completed
126PTCLServices for KRL Kahouta MSAGRTR RawalpindiProject Completed
127PTCLServices for MSAG Dhamtor AbbottabadRTR RawalpindiProject Completed
129PTCLRing Completion of ALU MSAG D-12 and G-13ITR IslamabadProject Completed
130PTCLDismantling of 15 old ONUs in IslamabadITR IslamabadProject Completed
131PTCLServices for MSAG Gondal AttockRTR RawalpindiProject Completed
132PTCLGPON Services in Bahria town Phase VIII, Islamabad.NOD IslamabadProject Completed
133PTCLGPON Services at D-12 Sector IslamabadITR IslamabadProject Completed
134PTCLOptical Fiber Connectivity at Bahria Enclave IslamabadITR IslamabadProject Completed
135PTCLLaying of O.F.C Between KalarSydan Exchange to SagriRTR RawalpindiProject Completed